Flips LAT The Bird

Heart_Mayor2Red.jpg mocks the LAT for its handling of the affair between Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa and Telemundo reporter Mirthala Salinas, taunting the paper of record for continuing to “to bring up the rear in reporting on this story.”

The fellas at ERS are making a name for themselves with this story, and they know it:

Finally last night, in a show that Mayor Villaraigosa is back on message and making the media rounds and trying to put the still brewing scandal behind him. ERS caught up with the mayor by chance at a local Los Angeles celebration of the 60-year anniversary of the LA’s first broadcast TV news station KTLA. The event held at the Gene Autry Museum in Griffith Park had a chance meeting of ERSNews Co-Editor Roger Scott and the Mayor. The Mayor, of course the exceptionally talented media savvy politician that he is, seemed to know all about and the Enterprise Report, which of course is a good thing! We hope he tells all his friends about us. We appreciate the mayor and Ms. Salinas giving us a story, served up at the right time to put ERSNews on the public and media radar because of our exclusive investigative reporting on this scandal. Although we’re still in our infancy on the web, we appreciate all the help we can get. Thanks again Mr. Mayor!