eReader Price War Spreads to the UK

The UK supermarket chain Asda announced today that they’re going to be selling the kobo eReader at a discount this Christmas season.

They’re going to have both current Kobo models in stock on Friday. They will also be marking down the prices of the Kobo Wifi, Kobo’s older 6″ eBook reader, to £67, and the Kobo Touch to £107. Both prices are a nice discount from WHSmiths, Kobo’s main retail partner in the UK. WHSmiths sells the Kobo Touch for a couple pounds more and the Kobo Wifi for £22 more than Asda.

Duncan Tate, a technology expert at Asda said, “The Kobo e-reader has received rave reviews and we’re delighted to be able to offer it to customers at this breakthrough price before Christmas.” Both eReaders will be available in store and on the Asda website, and they will come with 100 free classic eBooks.

While those are good prices for the Kobo eReader, they’re still not great prices for the UK market. Amazon sells the  K4 for only £89 in the UK, and it comes with free shipping. The K4 only slightly less capable than the Kobo Touch (no touchscreen), and it sells for £20 less.