Er, HR Nightmare? RadarOnline Violates Child Labor Law

This is a weird one. FishbowlLA’s got an item up about how is being charged by the California State Labor Commission for violation of child labor law by filming Nadya “Octomom” Suleman the night the first two of the octuplets came home from the hospital. The Los Angeles Times reports that the online gossip site violated the law because it had “not obtained an entertainment permit, filmed 2-month-old Noah and Isaiah Suleman outside hours approved by the state labor code, and did not have a studio teacher on site to ensure the infants’ health and safety.”

There’s a little back and forth then—Radar says that as a news gathering organization, it’s not required to get permits—the commissioner shot back that the Octomom saga isn’t news, it’s entertainment— and so on. And now you can flog us too.