Epic Fail: Man Trolling For Facebook Likes At Beach

Don't act desperate or you will get dumped. Growing your fanbase on Facebook requires a helluva lot more than executing disruptive stunts, placing an "F" icon on your Website, or shouting "Follow Us On Facebook" in 100-point font on a bus bench. People "Like"…

Ever since Facebook traded out the “Become A Fan” call to action with the Like button, every brand, business, and organization with a published Page has been desperately trolling for thumb clicks like guys on Bourbon Street throwing out beaded invitations to every woman within range during Mardi Gras.

Listen up Page Admins. Action breeds action. People follow, like, and share brands and causes that are current, entertaining, informative, and (get the permanent marker ready…); that provide value back. Don’t just expect someone to return your “Follow Me On Facebook” volley (or lift up their top) just because you spent a few bucks on a sign (or offered up cheap plastic beads).

While a Facebook Page may be the latest and greatest marketing weapon we have in our arsenal, it’s also one of the most misused. Why is it that all of the sudden social media has many of us reeking of desperation and exhibiting painfully awkward behavior when trying to reach and connect with potential consumers? (ummm, see video below)


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