Entertainment Tonight: Crappy Journalism At Its Finest

debbiemichael.jpg A tipster tells us that tonight, Entertainment Tonight will air a story about Michael Jackson’s ex-wife (and mother of two of his kids) Debbie Rowe’s recent plastic surgery including Botox injections, a chemical peel, and laser treatment for the sun damage on her face.

What’s interesting is that although Rowe used to work as a nurse for Jackson’s favorite skin-man Dr. Arnold Klein (in fact, she and Jackson met in his Beverly Hills office), her recent surgery was performed by a Dr. Christopher Nanni, at his Woodglen Institute of Aesthetics in, uh, Glendora. (Nanni is pictured below, by the way. Would you let this man shoot a laser at your face?)

Anyway, why didn’t Rowe have her old boss do the surgery? Why did she agree to drive all the way to Glendora, which I think is somewhere near Kansas? Did Nanni offer his services for free?

(UPDATE: A very helpful secretary in Nanni’s office told me, “most of [the surgery] was paid for by the show.”)