Engadget Editor, ME to leave site

Both Engadget editor Josh Topolsky and managing editor Nilay Patel are leaving Engadget, reports Kara Swisher of All Things D.

Sources told Swisher that the moves were not related to AOL’s acquisition of the Huffington Post, rather, the issues were a “long time coming” related to problems the editors had working for the corporate behemoth.

“There are things I’m after and challenges I want to take on that just don’t fit with my day-to-day schedule here, so off I go,” Topolsky wrote on Engadget in his farewell announcement.

The departures, Swisher says, are just the latest in a recent stream of staffers leaving Engadget, others of whom have explicitly stated that AOL was the reason for leaving. (Engadget was originally part of Weblogs Inc., which was acquired by AOL in 2005.) A top editor, Paul Miller, who left the site recently, said:

“I’d love to be able to keep doing this forever, but unfortunately Engadget is owned by AOL, and AOL has proved an unwilling partner in this site’s evolution. It doesn’t take a veteran of the publishing world to realize that AOL has its heart in the wrong place with content.”

Topolsky has not called out AOL in particular for his move. He did, however, confirm that he is not leaving the tech news sphere and that he has “a few fantasy projects in mind that hopefully you’ll be hearing about soon.”