Endless Summer Media Preview 2006 #2: Were the Mavericks Partying into the Wee Hours in Miami to Celebrate Our Summer Media Preview?

A few things we learned from this, our second installment of our Summer Media Preview:

  • There’s speculation that some of American Media Inc.’s magazines may be reacquired by the Weider family.
  • Some of the Dallas Mavericks were spotted partying into the wee hours in Miami before their Game 4 loss to the Miami Heat.
  • “Double issue” is Yiddish for “our ad staff has gone to the Hamptons.”
  • Mediaweek reporters throw back beers on Thursdays.
  • Everyone has a book they’re trying to finish.

    Read on:

    The Media

  • Stephanie Smith
    senior reporter, Mediaweek
    summer media story: I’ll be following the Conde Nast’s publisher shuffle, when and if OK! magazine will fold, and who embarrasses themselves with their boozy behavior out in the Hamptons — since I most likely won’t be there to witness it.

    summer plans: Plenty of barbecuing on my patio. Roommates and I planning at least three events per week: Throwback (a beer) Tuesdays, Thirsty Thursdays and Shake and Bake Saturdays.

  • Sara James
    media editor, Women’s Wear Daily
    summer media story: My only focus is the 7/10 opening of the 750 Third Avenue cafeteria.

    summer plans: My first novel for young adults (What If … Everyone Knew Your Name, with Liz Ruckdeschel) comes out Tuesday, so I’ll be spending the summer discovering the joys of teen authorship.

    Jon Fine
    media columnist, BusinessWeek, Fine On Media
    summer media story: The Chandler-Tribune chess match, assuming something miraculous doesn’t happen that make two sides that seem pretty dug in to reconcile quickly.

    summer plans: I expect my summer to be very similar to the rest of the year, only with longer daylight hours and much more sweating. I plan to fully enjoy the surprising stillness of summer weekends in the city, and the feeling that all the grown-ups have left. Perhaps one weekend will be spent in a place with trees and lakes and beaches and stuff, but actually planning that seems way too ambitious right about now.

    Jon Friedman
    media columnist, Marketwatch
    summer media story: I think we’ll be following the bouncing ball of Time Inc. editor-in-chief John Huey as much as anything else. He has been totally unpredictable, which makes him a compelling figure.

    summer plans: I’m going biking in Alaska in July.

    The Media Guy

  • Simon Dumenco
    columnist, “Media Guy”,” Advertising Age
    summer media story: I’ll be trying to figure out if America really has talent, and, if so, exactly what kind of talent. Also, I’ll be trying to suss out if Brandy is the new Paula Abdul … or if David Hasselhoff is… or if they both are.

    summer plans: My summer plans center around not telling anyone about my summer plans.

    The Magazine People

  • Brett Sokol
    contributing editor, Ocean Drive
    summer media story: Forget about the war in Iraq, hurricane season, or even the shaky state of Britney Spears’ nuptial ties. For those of us in Miami, no summer story looms larger — in the media arena or otherwise — than the July 28 release of the Miami Vice film. Yes, I’m absolutely serious. In its 80s incarnation, Miami Vice was a classic case of life imitating art, and a key force in shaping not only international perceptions of Miami, but this city’s own self-image. In fact, the TV show’s opening montage still says more in 30 seconds about Miami’s signature cultural collisions than any sober-minded tome: Hasidic Jews strolling past bikini-clad babes, a speedboat slicing across a sun-dappled Biscayne Bay, and a Rolls-Royce gliding to a stop in front of the Beach’s notorious Forge restaurant (where last Wednesday I spotted several members of the Dallas Mavericks partying into the wee hours the night before blowing the NBA Finals Game Four against the Miami Heat). Come July and Miami Vice‘s full-court press blitz, I’m expecting virtually every publication in America — from Midwestern dailies to Condé Nast glossies — to parachute into town as locals try to live up to their rep. If nothing else, Miamians are always ready for their close-up. Ocean Drive‘s July/August double issue (“double issue” is Yiddish for “our ad staff has gone to the Hamptons”) is focused on the Vice phenomenon, and yours truly is weighing in with a pointed column on the topic. For those who still think we’ve all had our heads spun by Hollywood, today’s Miami Herald has a front-page profile of the newest uber-developer to hit town — and the $370 million waterfront “urban mall” he’s building on the Herald’s own former parking lots. The punchline? Recently unearthed DEA reports charge him with being a major cocaine trafficker in the 80s. Once again, it’s hard to tell where the Miami Vice scripts end and the real Miami begins.
    summer plans: Wrapping up the editing on my book project on Cuban hip-hop, for what I’m told is a late 2007 publishing date.

    Andy Cohn
    publisher, FADER magazine
    summer media story: Simply, print magazines and the Internet.

    summer plans: Taking my 2 year old daughter swimming and getting out to see some live music.

  • Melissa Walker
    prom editor, Seventeen
    summer media story: How well The Devil Wears Prada does. Does that count as a media story? Also, Katie‘s progress on the Evening News. I also want to follow the Opal Mehta author’s story, which scared me.

    summer plans: I gave up a summer house to buy a car (so I can drive to … nowhere). Invitations to others’ summer houses welcome.

  • Larry Smith
    editor, Smith: Everyone Has a Story
    summer media story: I’ll be closely following “Net neutrality,” the principle that keeps the Internet open to all. Telcom companies shouldn’t be able to favor the Web sites that can pony up higher fees for services. While places like MySpace and Slate can easily foot any bill slapped on them by big businesses, the wrong media policies could be a blow to bloggers, nonprofits, small businesses, and new online magazines like mine [smithmag.net] — and that’s where Congress is headed.

    summer plans: I just got married and recently spent a few days staring at the ocean and my wife in Pt. Reyes, CA. So this summer my needs are simple: a few long, possibly even Wi-Fi-free, weekends at the beach. I like Beach Haven in Long Beach Island for the mellow vibe, readily available skee-ball, and delicious burgers and apple crisp at the Holiday Snack Bar.

  • Jonathon Feit
    editor-in-chief, Citizen Culture
    summer media story: I’m going to be pretty fixated on the forthcoming launch of With This Ring magazine — and more importantly, what the new magazine’s role is in the fight for equal marriage rights across the country. It’s generated enormous interest and input from organizations like GLAAD and PFLAG, which see it as a magazine long-time-coming, with the intention of equalizing “Every Kind of Wedding.” Getting advertisers, investors, and publishing partners on board will be my primary task, ahead of the fall advertising season.

    summer plans: This Saturday, I’m going to the World Cup in Germany! I have tickets to the quarterfinals, and then am going on a family pilgrimage to Poland. Since that part will be a bit “heavy,” I’m ending the overdue vacation with a short trip to Istanbul.

    The Newspaper People

  • Aileen Gallagher
    reporter, FinancialWeek, former managing editor, mediabistro.com
    summer media story: Not so much a story, per se, but I’m definitely interested in what magazines are going to do online in the next few months. Since even Condé Nast got the memo, it will get interesting. Talented people are getting picked up everywhere. The online division is no longer the dorky cousin playing D&D in the basement. So what happens when all those resources are let loose on the Internet? I don’t know. But I’ll bet my Maer Rashon trading card it’s going to be exciting.

    summer plans: Like I do every summer, I’m just going to wait it out till the fall.

  • Julia Allison
    dating columnist, amNewYork, COED magazine
    summer media story: Amongst more proletarian dating concerns, I’ll be looking at kinky Craig’s List transactions, gold-digging, and High, HIGH end escorts. And maybe trying to bring back Truth or Dare. (The game, not Madonna’s book. Duh.)

    summer plans: Um, engaging in kinky Craig’s List transactions, gold-digging, and pretending to be a high end escort while starting up impromptu games of Truth or Dare?

    The Radio People

  • Peter Sagal
    host, National Public Radio’s Wait Wait…Don’t Tell Me! quiz show
    summer media story: There are a lot of choices, of course, given the dicey state of just about everything going on in the world — will Korea launch a nuke at us? Will Iran? Will hurricanes make such attacks redundant? — but I’m going to be focused on whether or not Shiloh Pitt Jolie performs her first miracle.

    summer plans: For June and July, we’re going to do our best to mine the gradually but steadily thinning news stream for the tidbits of joy by which we make our living. Then, in August, I’m leaving the show for a month to try and finish a book I’ve been working on for a year, called “The Big Book of Vices,” a treatise on how and why American’s misbehave, and why I personally really shouldn’t try it.

  • Mike Pesca
    New York correspondent, National Public Radio’s Day to Day; NPR podcast On Gambling with Mike Pesca
    summer media story: Will Dan Rather See Good Night and Good Luck so often that he starts yelling lines of dialogue at the screen a la Rocky Horror? We did sharks, then ‘gators; I expect a spate of sea cow attacks. Will George Pataki actually making a speech to a crowd of New Yorkers be defined as bona fide News? Which high priced mercenary will lend their services to the Yankees as they make a fall push: Dontrelle Willis to replace Shawn Chacon; Reggie Sanders for the ailing Hideki Matsui or Katie Couric to slide in for the nascent Red Sox-loving Susan Waldman? If the US kills another terrorist will the New York Post go with a thought bubble or the classic cartoon “stink lines” emanating from his corpse?

    summer plans: Working until 6 on Fridays, but not getting anyone to call me back after 1.

    The 92nd Street Y Guy

  • Andrew Krucoff
    Web content developer, 92nd Street Y
    summer media story: I’ll be tracking media treatment, scores, and bloopers of the official Qassam rocket season in northern Gaza.

    summer plans: Laying the groundwork for Hamptons Bloghaus Summer 2007.

    The Publishing Consultant

  • Bo Sacks
    industry lecturer, consultant and publisher, Heard on the Web
    summer media story: As always I will be tracking the future of our industry and the accountability of the current one. With the coming to market this year of epaper and ebooks as looming disruptive technologies, they are no longer science fiction but rather science fact. Publishers that are in touch with their inner franchise will thrive and those that don’t, won’t.

    summer plans: My summer plans are of a spiritual/spirited nature. We will be hiking through Yosemite and Sequoia National Parks for the spiritual part and then get pica faced in Napa for a week as the spirited part. As always, it’s a matter of balance. I expect a traditional publishing ratio of 60% to 40%.

    The Banker

  • Reed Phillips
    managing partner, desilva + phillips, LLC
    summmer media story: I’ll be following stories on the sale of some of American Media’s magazines (there is speculation that the Weider family will reacquire some of the titles they sold to AMI a few years ago) and on the disagreements between the Chandler family (former owners of Times Mirror) and the board and management of the Chicago Tribune.

    summer plans: Summer plans include a 10-day vacation in Spain and taking my son to college at the University of Richmond.

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