Newsroom Intruder ‘Bat Albert’ Captured With an Empty Can of Crisco

It all went down Friday morning at Kansas daily newspaper The Emporia Gazette

Thank god it’s… fly-day?

The Emporia Gazette’s Mary Ann Redeker definitely had fun with the assignment of reporting about the intrusion of a bat Friday into the Kansas newspaper’s newsroom, a flying mammal quickly nicknamed “Bat Albert.” From the exaggerated headline on down, this is amplified for reader enjoyment:

News and online editor Zach Hacker–a self-described chiroptophobe, or someone who fears bats–tried to go about his morning deadline duties, but was clearly distracted and unnerved by the fat bat, who was just hanging out on the ceiling.

Hacker decided to call animal control, and Officer Mark Miller arrived on scene with a butterfly net. After setting up a ladder, he was able to capture Bat Albert in the net. The success was short-lived, as Bat Albert had other ideas and quickly escaped the net.

Several staff members avoided the flight of his path as Bat Albert zoomed across the newsroom and onto the ‘Wall of Fame’ so he could admire the many awards The Gazette has received over the years.

It gets better, thanks to an empty container of Crisco and newspaper employee’s beloved calendar. The Gazette, which publishes in print six times a week, is owned by the White family, still, some 122 years after William Allen White purchased it for $3,000.

Bat/Tip: Patricia Sauthoff

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