Employees Get Fired For Ditching the Flu Shot Mandate

Every now and then we come across an employment-related news story that makes us do a double-take.

This is one of them.

As posted on AOL Jobs, TriHealth fired 150 of its employees the Wednesday before Thanksgiving for not complying with a mandate.

What type of mandate, you ask? Well, the Ohio-based health center had a mandate for every single member of its work force to get the flu vaccine. Keep in mind it was being offered for free on its premises. All of the employees were apparently given one month to comply with the mandate.

As pointed out in the piece, a company spokesperson indicated people who ditched the  mandate in favor of not getting the vaccine may appeal to get reinstated but only after they get the shot.

At first this seemed odd a company can officially fire its own workers for deciding against a vaccine that goes into their body but the law begs to differ. As per the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, fourteen states plus the District of Columbia have laws in effect which require health workers to get the flu vaccine which by the way, kills about 36,000 Americans per year according to the John Hopkins School of Medicine.

Donna Ballman, the employment law expert at AOL Jobs explained in the piece,”Workplaces became more aware,” and it sounds like they don’t get a whole lot of push back in enforcing mandatory vaccines for its employees.

She added, “Private employees have no civil liberties. The Constitution protects you from government intrusion [in your private life]. But not from your employer.”