Employee Gets Fired for Posting Paycheck Photo on Instagram

We’ve heard about getting fired for an inappropriate tweet or Facebook post but now Instagram has joined the game.

Our friends at Gothamist reported that Wade Groom, the top salesperson for the U.S. branch of Lacoste, posted a picture of his paycheck to Instagram.

As you can imagine, the corporate office in France was less than pleased and said it was a breach of the employee confidentiality agreement.

He explained to AOL Jobs, “I guess I signed a confidentiality agreement with something about social media, but who reads those? I had to sign to get the job.”

He added posting the paycheck wasn’t intended to take a dig at his employer. Instead, it was “an impulsive thing” that resulted from being a single dad and the stress that goes along with it.

Lacoste did not wish to comment on the subject to AOL but perhaps this tale presents a bigger story: Social media and confidentiality agreements.

He didn’t outright disparage his employer by posting his pay but employment attorney Donna Ballman told the site the National Labor Relations Act guarantees the right for employees to discuss working conditions with other colleagues.

In this case though, Groom took it one step further by sharing it with hundreds of people on his private Instagram account.