Emily Gould: Maybe the Eagle is About to Get Sucked into a Jet Engine

You may already have heard that Emily Gould, blogger, author, former Gawker writer and current contributor to mediabistro.com’s GalleyCat, has the NYT’s Magazine cover-story this week-end.

The story won’t go live until tomorrow, in the meantime, and perhaps not surprisingly, it’s been generating quite a lot of buzz on the internets. We first heard about it in the Mediabistro office the other day from Gould herself who still seemed to be recovering from a session with the NYT’s fact-checking department (she wasn’t the only one, it would appear — from Choire Sicha’s twitter the other day: “There are few things I enjoy less than a call from NYT fact-checking, as nice as they are. It only means agony to come. (On 5/25, in fact.) 11:38 AM May 13, 2008”). She was also expressing some concern over how the fall-out might affect her social life, though when fishbowlNY talked to her today, she was mum on the details preferring to let people wait and read the actual piece.

We’ll withhold our own speculation as to the article’s contents (Title: “Blog-Post Confidential.” Cover line: “What I gained — and lost — by revealing my intimate life on the web.”) however for a possible hint of what’s to come we turn to another of Sicha’s twitters:

@JessicaCoen OH. NOES. @JuliaAllison Prepare to be exposed as a HARLOT. @CandaceBushnell ALL YOUR FAULT.”about 23 hours ago from web in reply to jessicacoen

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