Emerging Paid iOS Apps: New Titles & Quality Updates Appear This Week as Gameloft Fills the iPad Charts

The upper echelons of the top iOS paid apps lists have, once again, been a little tame. Between both the iPhone and the iPad only a pair of new faces found themselves within the top ten applications. Of course, part of this slow down is due to many of the new and interesting apps appearing are those that have been profiled once before.

Of the apps that did appear, while the onset of sales did improve some of Gameloft’s iPad applications’ rankings, new and recently updated ranks also proved dominant. It is also worth noting, that along this same thread, the previously noted update to Angry Birds Rio (adding new levels) has boosted the game back up to #2 on both the iPhone and iPad devices. Prior to this update, the game milled about the #7-#10 spots.

New Titles Within Top iPhone Paid Apps List

Army of DarknessArmy of Darkness Defense — Colorado-based mobile developer Backflip Studios has a new popular app in honor of the Evil Dead series: Army of Darkness Defense. Released May 12th, the game is already #10 on both iPhone and iPad and was done through a special deal licensing the creative content from MGM Studios. Players take their boomstick and chainsaw and led the medieval armies of of Arthur against the armies of the undead as they protect the Necronomicon in this simplistic, 2D strategy, tower defense title. Backflip Studios is best know for its Paper Toss franchise that breached the 50 million download mark earlier this year. The game is currently on sale for $0.99 ($2.99 on iPad), and also monetizes through the in-app purchasing of coins (which are used for unit/defense upgrades).

Death Rally — Death Rally marks the #15 spot on this week’s top paid iPhone apps list. If it sounds familiar, that’s because the game was previously #26 on the top grossing iPad apps list and to paid iPad charts (currently it is #1 on iPad). However, this dual-stick, top-down racer — which pits users into a destruction derby-like setup, arming each car with heavy weaponry — has risen again due to a May 10th update adding new tracks, in-app purchases, and general performance improvements. Additionally, the game has been marked down to $0.99 as a sale price. Its developer is Finnish core game maker, Remedy Entertainment, known for titles such as Max Payne, Alan Wake, and the original (1996) Death Rally.

FatBooth — A much older app appears this week at #18 in the form of FatBooth from young iPhone and Mac app developer Pivi & Co. An app that simulates what one might look like with quite a few extra pounds and joins Pivi’s family of other simple party-style apps such as BaldBooth and AgingBooth. Running $0.99, the app has always often been within the top 50 iPhone apps, but its May 5th update has boosted it slightly. The new update improves not only the title’s face detection, but also the face transformation effect. Moreover, it has been localized for both French and Japanese.

FoodiesFoodies — Foodies is a new game (released May 5th) that tasks users with winning the love of their life… by eating. Using simple tap controls and physics, players control a bizarre looking “Foodie” as they attempt to impress the demanding Miss Pam by, well, getting fat. The game is played by drawing a line for the player avatar, Sam, to bounce off of so he can eat floating food. Costing $0.99, it is developed by Nano Titans, a very small indie games developer of only two individuals with only this title under their belt. The game is currently ranked at #20.