Emerging Paid iOS Apps: Father’s Day Sales, Exercise & Art Apps Show Popularity

While Father’s Day sales have given rise to a handful of apps within the top paid iOS charts, many new releases have risen as well. The highlights this week were of a rather interesting variety ranging from fitness to art and zombies to dinosaurs. Moreover, many titles even breached the top 10 this week for both devices.

New Titles Within Top iPhone Paid Apps List

iMuscleiMuscle – iPhone Edition — Summer is here, and that means swimsuit season. As such, iMuscle has risen up to #7 on the top paid iPhone apps charts. This workout application allows users to identify various muscle groups in 3D and view all exercises associated with either developing or rehabilitating that area. Currently the application is on sale for $1.99. The title also has an iPad counterpart that breached the top paid iPad apps lists in early may. The app is created by 3D4Medical.com, an American iOS developer whose apps center around medicine and make use of 3D medical imagery. iMuscle was released June 9th.

Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 — In at #14 is Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3, from international games developer and publisher, Electronic Arts. The title is an iOS rendition of the long running fighting game franchise and features all 23 characters from the original Mortal Kombat games. An older title, the $0.99 application has risen due in part to a significant June 16th content update. In the update, 10 of the 23 characters were added as well as six more battle arenas to fight within. The iPad version of this game is also now ranked at #2.

Spider-Man: Total Mayhem — Veteran mobile and casual games developer and publisher Gameloft holds the #20 spot with an older game (released September 1st), Spider-Man: Total Mayhem. In the game, players web-sling through the streets of New York, fighting enemies in a “beat’em up” style of game play as they try to stop a horde of super villains from unleashing a deadly virus. The rise of the game is due to a Father’s Day sale held by Gameloft this past weekend that reduced the price of the app, and several others, to $0.99. Now, the game is back up to its normal price of $6.99. However, the short sale has also pushed the iPad version of this game up to #1.

Call of Mini ZombiesCall of Mini: Zombies — Call of Mini: Zombies is another new release (June 14th) to breach the top paid iPhone apps list, coming in at #22 on iPhone and #32 on iPad. A simple concept, players jump into a 3D world of blocky zombies and attempt to survive the outbreak infecting a small town. Thankfully, users are armed with a large variety of guns and explosives. The game is made by Triniti Interactive, a  mid-sized, 2009-founded iOS developer with an impressive number of titles already under its belt. Call of Mini: Zombies currently costs $0.99, but monetizes through in-app purchases as well.

World Cup Table Tennis — Rounding out the top highlighted iPhone apps this week at #23 is and older game that had begun rising last week, World Cup Table Tennis. The game is a mobile simulation of ping-pong where players can compete in short, three-round tournaments as well as participate in several single and multiplayer game modes. The $0.99 app was last updated June 3rd to include new opponents for players to play against, a Career and Tournament mode, as well as new unlockable paddles. However, a good deal of its growth is likely associated to the growth of its free iPad version, which was released earlier this month and rose to #3on the top free iPad app charts. The game is made by Skyworks Interactive, a New Jersey-based company previously associated with things such as “advergaming.” Even though the company notes being new to iOS, it boasts near 50 applications across both Apple devices.

New Titles Within Top iPad Paid Apps List

Epic WarEpic War TD — Realistic looking tower defense takes the #14 spot on the top paid iPad apps list in the form of Epic War TD. Currently on sale for $0.99, the game is a standard tower defense app, that puts players into a space age, science fiction world. The developer behind the new game — which was released June 14th — is AMT Games, a seemingly small and enigmatic developer whose only other release is Best Free Games – Daily Magazine and variants of Epic War TD.