Emerging Paid iOS Apps: Electronic Arts, Chillingo, Booyah & Mediocre Games Show Off New Releases

Several titles are new to the top paid iOS charts today with all but three fitting within the games category. Not all are new releases though, as many have done well simply due to sales.  Of the new applications, each are only a few days old with many having shot up the top paid charts for both the iPhone and iPad devices.

New Titles Within Top iPhone Paid Apps List

SPY mouse — The top paid iPhone apps list starts out at #1 with 1982-founded gaming conglomerate Electronic Arts (more specifically it was created by the EA acquired Australian studio of Firemint) and its new game SPY mouse. Players control “Agent Squeak” and must sneak about top-down levels evading cats and collecting cheese with a path drawing-style of play. To aide them, mouse-sized spy gadgets and power-ups are sometimes available. Currently, the game costs $0.99 but further monetizes by offering in-game help (for $0.99) from a character named “Kiska,” who removes all cats. SPY mouse was released August 25th.

Lockify – Customize Your Lock Screen! — The next highlight is yet another faux iPhone lock program rises up the top paid iPhone app charts, this week, to hit #4. The application of Lockify is credited to an enigmatic developer by the name of Zeeplox Software who is noted to have also developed two other iOS titles. Lockify is an application that creates the illusion of a complex security lock on one’s iPhone (such as connecting a sequence of dots). That said, the $0.99 app provides nothing more than a lock-style wallpaper for one’s lockscreen. It was released August 22nd.

Modern Combat 2: Black Pegasus — Casual games developer and publisher Gameloft holds the #6 spot (#4 on iPad) today with an older one of its games, Modern Combat 2: Black Pegasus. Last updated July 25th, the game is a modern day first-person shooter in which players battle across the Middle East, Europe, and South America. The title also supports up to 10 player multiplayer matches. The recent growth of the game is due to a markdown, making it cost only $0.99.

Contre Jour — Moving down to #7 is the newly (August 25th) released game of Contre Jour. The game is a physics puzzle app in which players guide a strange creature to its destination by manipulating the environment (literally changing it by small degrees) and using items such as tendrils and air geysers. Costing $0.99, the game is published by EA division Chillingo but devloped by an indie developer by the name of Mokus. Contre Jour is also ranked at #1 on iPad.

Sprinkle: Water splashing fire fighting fun! — Another new game, released August 25th, takes the #19 spot (#6 on iPad). Sprinkle is a water physics game in which players must douse spreading fires before they consume nearby villages. Using a limited amount of water, players adjust the height and angle of the their fire hose, then manipulate environmental objects, with the water, in order to allow it to reach the flames. The game costs $0.99 but offers further content via in-app purchases (which can be unlocked through normal play as well). Sprinkle is the premiere game of the very small Swedish developer, Mediocre Games,

New Titles Within Top iPad Paid Apps List

NFL Fantasy Cheat Sheet 2011 — With football season on its way, the #3 app for iPad is NFL Fantasy Cheat Sheet 2011. Last updated August 25th, the sports app is a companion app set on improving the online game experience of Fantasy Football. The app provides useful features such as pick recommendations and also provides users with the updated player information, injury reports, player charts, and more. Cheat Sheet 2011 is created by 290 Design. 290 Design is a small, American iOS developer whose apps tend to center around fantasy sports. Currently, the application costs $4.99. Its $2.99 iPhone version is ranked #22.