Emerging Paid iOS Apps: Disney, Capcom, EA & Other Larger Studios Rise

The top paid iOS charts are filled with new releases this week, running the gamut from the typical puzzle game to fighting apps to digital books. Despite the fact that there were a strong number of rising new apps, most were fairly low within the top 50 as Gameloft dominated most of the upper rankings with a reduction in price (to $0.99) for a large quanitity of its games.

New Titles Within Top iPhone Paid Apps List

Puffle Launch — The highest ranking iPhone app (at #6 on iPhone and on iPad) is one from one of the world’s largest and best known companies, Disney. The game is the September 15th-released Puffle Launch and it puts players in control of a little puffball daredevil who is trying to get his snacks back from a thieving crab… with a flying robot. To do so, players collect Puffle O’s by launching themselves from airborne cannon to airborne cannon. Additionally, all virtual coins collected can be transferred to accounts on Club Penguin. The game costs $0.99.

Destinia — The next new release doesn’t appear until #34. It is the game of Destinia. Destinia is a $0.99 role-playing game in which players are imprisoned for defying the orders of a corrupt empire, and must escape to make things right in a realm completely dominated by it. The game touts several options for customization with one’s character, the ability to create unique items, and player versus player combat. Further supported with in-app purchases for virtual currency, the game is credited to South Korean mobile games publisher Gamevil, which started at $10 million fund to invest in external game development partners back in June. Destinia was released September 15th.

Final Fight — Japanese core games developer and publisher Capcom — whose mobile and social gaming unit reported $15.5 million in earnings in the quarter that ended in June —  is the creator of the #35 application this week, Final Fight. The classic game is an iOS port of the original Final Fight, but for those that do not remember Final Fight, it is a side-scrolling fighting-style game game in which players simply beat up everything that comes their way in order to find and save a kidnapped girl named Jessica. Released September 15th, the game grows not only due to nostalgia, but also because of a reduced, $0.99 price tag until September 21st.

Monsters Ate My Condo — Monsters Ate My Condo is a new game (released September 15th) credited to two companies: Adult Swim Games and PikPok Games. The former is the casual game development arm of Cartoon Network’s (a part of Turner Broadcasting) Adult Swim programming lineup while the latter is an iOS and Android games developer and publisher. In the odd game, players must match the colored floors of skyscrapers in order to feed giant monsters, lest they destroy the world. Costing only $0.99, the game is already #39 on iPhone and #31 on iPad.

Not touch my phone —  The final highlight for iPhone is ranked at #42, Not touch my phone. A $0.99 application, it is once again a title that falls into the quasi-security realm. Though not completely fake, like those highlighted in past top iOS charts that merely display an image of a securely locked screen, this app allows players to draw an unlock pattern and then select an alarm sound. Should the phone be picked up, the alarm will trigger, being disabled only by the correct unlock pattern. The only older iPhone app highlight this week, it was last updated September 8th with new alarm sounds. It is credited to Spanish company LideraFX, an Internet applications developer that specializes in electronic commerce.

New Titles Within Top iPad Paid Apps List

Bop It! for iPad — New highlights for the top paid iPad apps list don’t appear until #20 today with the newly released (September 15th) game of Bop It! for iPad. Created by the world’s second largest games developer, Electronic Arts, the app is a digital remake of the children’s game of the same name. A reaction-based game, players must perform a motion based on whatever the game says to do, be it tapping the iPad, turning it, twisting it, or bopping it. Additionally, the app comes with several other actions that can be performed once unlocked. As it stands, the game currently runs $2.99.

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