Emerging Paid Apps: Remakes, RPGs and Books Mark Newer Titles Atop iOS Charts

Far more new titles have emerged on the iPad’s top paid charts this week than the iPhone’s list. Interestingly enough, many of these “new” applications are ports or remakes of classic games, digital versions of analog counterparts, or modernized renditions of classic game genres.

New Titles Within Top 50 iPhone Paid Apps List

Angry Birds Rio — Expectantly, Angry Birds Rio remains #1 on the paid iPhone apps list. Developed by Rovio Mobile, the game hosts the same mechanics of the original Angry Birds, tasking players with destroying stacked buildings using physics and projectile birds as ammunition.

Eternal Legacy — Gameloft put three titles on sale this week for 99 cents, causing all of them to race up the charts. Eternal Legacy, a role-playing game first released in December, jumped up to seventh place. A fantasy game that’s reminiscent of Square Enix’s Final Fantasy franchise, Eternal Legacy takes place in the world of Algoad. The player endeavors to rescue this world from destruction and restore the bonds between human and nature. Two other Gameloft titles also climbed the charts on the sale: Starfront Collision and Sacred Odyssey: Rise of Ayden.

Minute To Win It — Capcom Mobile has brought one of their recent releases (March 19th) to the top paid apps list with a title called Minute To Win It. Based on the NBC game show of the same name, the app tasks users to compete in simple mini-games that utilized household objects in bizarre ways. As for Capcom Mobile themselves, they are a smaller part of the over 30-year-old international console developer, Japan’s Capcom. The game is currently ranked at #19.

Final Fantasy III — Squeezing in at #50 is actually not a new game at all, but a ported iPhone re-release of the classic RPG Final Fantasy III, that was remade in 2006 in 3D. Developed and released by Japanese console developer Square Enix (Squaresoft) back in 1990, the game hosts all of the story and magic systems that have made Final Fantasy III one of the favorites in the series. The new iPhone version, released March 16th, includes improved visuals and exclusive story sequences.

New Titles Within Top 50 iPad Paid Apps List

Angry Birds Rio HD — As one probably already expected, Angry Birds Rio HD is at the top of the paid iPad apps list as well. Rovio Mobile’s HD version hosts all of the same features as the iPhone rendition and was released on March 22nd. Again, it is a physics-based game that uses birds as projectiles to knock down stacked structures.

Sword & Sworcery EP — Released more recently, on March 24th, is a very new and different looking game from a developer called Capybara Games. The game is Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP. The company is a small, yet award-winning, indie group based in Toronto whose independent roots is displayed drastically in this bizarre looking, yet strangely artistic adventure game. Despite how it looks, the game has seen an outstanding number of positive user ratings. The game is currently #3 on the paid iPad apps list.

War Pinball HD — War Pinball HD marks itself in at #17, having been released on the 20th. As one can probably guess, it’s a pinball game, yet themed around classic war movies such as Platoon. The app is developed by a smaller mobile developer from the Ukraine by the name of Gameprom.

Bird Zapper! — Bird Zapper! is a recently updated (March 24th) that is new to the top iPad paid apps list, coming in at #21. Developed by international veteran games developer Namco Bandai, the game is a simple puzzler that tasks users with removing same colored birds from a power line with a swiping mechanic.