Ellies ’08: The Leftovers

VQR‘s Ted Genoways, Runner’s World‘s David Willey and Mother JonesClara Jeffery

We’ve pretty much killed this whole Ellies coverage thing, but in the spirit of “if some is good, more is better” (also our open bar policy), we wanted to finish up the day with some tidbits we couldn’t fit anywhere else. So, after the jump, we hear from award-winning editors and ASME officials about the state of the industry, the wonderful world of the Web and who’s hiring.

(We promise this will be our last Ellies post.*)

  • “Magazines continue to be an essential voice in our most important public debates,” ASME executive director Marlene Kahan making a case for the continued relevance of the genre. She followed up later saying, “The range of titles honored tonight is a reminder of the importance of magazines in our culture.”
  • “I can’t say enough good things about Peter Hessler.” — The night’s big winner, National Geo EIC Chris Jones, about the writer who penned the feature writing winner. (Neither can we.)
  • “If anyone fits the bill, we’re hiring,” Mother Jones EIC
    Clara Jeffery, proving at least one pub’s succeeding.

  • “I thank you for paying attention to magazines in intensely in vertical niches.” — Bicycling.com Web editor David L’Heureux previewing the future of the industry.
  • “[RunnersWorld.com] has a lot of readers, er users. Sorry.” — RW EIC and new ASME president David Willey.

    * Actually, we don’t.