Ellen’s ‘American Idol’ Prima Nocta

We here at FishbowlLA would rather dismember most of our major sensory organs than sit through an entire episode of “American Idol.” That said, we think Ellen DeGeneres is hilarious, so we were at least mildly curious about how her Idol debut went last night. Thankfully we have Richard Rushfield over at the Daily Beast to tell us what to think.

Well, [Ellen] definitely held her own on the stage with the judging legends. Unlike Kara DioGuardi’s entry last year, there was nothing tentative about Ellen’s first night in the spotlight. She was vocal, funny, opinionated and willing to mess around. A few fresh jokes can go a long way on a show where the standard gag material has been showing its age…

[W]ith Ellen stationed to his right, Cowell faces something he never had before on the panel – a judge with a following (and an ego) to rival his own.

Thanks Richard. No, really, thank you.