Ellen Page Travel Show Has Extra LGBT Twist

Gaycation debuts Wednesday night on Viceland.

Ahead of the debut on Viceland Wednesday night of Gaycation, co-hosts Ellen Page and Ian Daniel spoke with Slate about the experience of filming the show. The program follows the pair as they search for LGBT-friendly locales and activities in Japan, Brazil, Jamaica and the U.S.

Gaycation is most certainly not all Mimosas and sunsets. From Page’s comments to Slate pop culture writer June Thomas:

“A huge part of the show is talking to those who don’t like us, or are fine with us but don’t want us to get married, or want us to be dead, or think we have a disorder – different levels of hatred and fear and what have you. It’s a huge part of the show because we want to give a face to that, to what’s potentially inflicting the violence, to what’s preventing equality. A lot of those people are just a symptom of an issue.”

“There is a core issue, and it manifests in this. Why is that? Really that’s what we’re trying to ask. We try to go in with an open heart and an open mind to figure it out. Because, yes, there are often times where you just want to be, like, why do you give a shit? Why do you give a shit if that guy wants to kiss that guy? Why do you give a shit if that person was born in the wrong body and is a trans woman? What is your problem?”

If you’ve never read or heard how Page and Daniel met, the Q&A has a good revisit of that crazy twain from his end. The meeting encompassed a break from New York, a vegetable-oil-powered bus and an Oregon retreat. In other words, it was a travel-filled beginning for this Viceland travel show pair.

As is Vice’s wont, Wednesday’s entire first episode – per the embed, above – is available now to watch online. One interesting note about Episode 1’s Japan visit: When Page most recently, previously visited that country, she was, per her own words, “extremely closeted.”

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