Ellen Page Credits Dan Savage With Helping Her Finally Come Out

Only in Hollywood. Before Ellen Page revealed her true self, spectacularly this past Valentine’s Day in Las Vegas, she would have conversations about such a move with her publicist. And each time, per Seth Abramovitch’s cover story in The Hollywood Reporter, publicist Kelly Bush, a lesbian mom to two daughters, would argue the time was not yet right.

In fact, had Page not caught in her native land of Canada a certain episode of a long-running TV talk show, she and Bush might still be having that same conversation. From the THR article:

Although no single incident led to her decision, Page does reference a Dan Savage appearance in July 2013 on the Canadian talk show George Stroumboupoulos Tonight as having had a profound effect on her. Savage, the in-your-face columnist behind the “It Gets Better” campaign, laid out his argument for coming out in very plain terms.

“He was like, ‘It’s a social responsibility and a moral imperative,’ ” recalls Page. “And I was like, ‘You’re right. You’re really intense — but you’re right.’ ” By early fall, her mind was made up. The next step was to call a meeting with her closest confidante, who also happens to be her main career strategist: manager-slash-bosom buddy Bush, who, as founder of ID Public Relations, is one of Hollywood’s shrewdest image-wranglers.

Tons more great stuff in the article, including details on how Page and Bush worked together to make sure the coming-out campaign steered the actress clear of “Today show I’m Gay story” territory. Bookmark, read the rest here.