Ellen DeGeneres Outed! By Some Guy in Boston


The story of Ellen DeGeneres crossing the picket line has been here, there and everywhere. Dan Tobin, the blogger behind Surgical Strikes, was a writers’ assistant on The Ellen Show, and thus, had quite the view of the writers’ room, etc. He didn’t write for that show but did work on two other sitcoms. Now, he lives and works in Boston, but the WGA keeps him in their database.

The Guild toyed with the idea of signing up underlings, but nothing happened. We found this in the comments section someplace:

Writers’ Assistants, Production Assistants and Script Coordinators (i.e. the people who make many of the untalented tv writers now on strike look GOOD) met with the WGA last year after once again submitting a proposal that they be allowed to contribute and enter the WGA with full or “associate status.” Or, would the WGA at least stand up for them with the producers and studios to make sure they have standard wages and benefits. WGA Pres Patric Verone was initially receptive but it was quickly dropped because it was deemed “unimportant at this time.” The multi thousand dollar a week writers (plus script money and residuals) couldn’t give a rats-ass about helping anyone else… sad but true.

So, what your mom told you is true–be nice to those you meet on your way up, etc.