Elle Dabbles in Virtual Reality

elle magazine logo GElle is getting creative with its photo shoots. The magazine has partnered with technology company Jaunt to create a virtual reality experience of its photo shoot with Jacquie Lee.

Jaunt used its 360-degree, stereoscopic 3D cameras and 3D sound-field microphones (Don’t feel bad, we had to Google them) to document the shoot, which also ran in Elle’s November issue. The virtual reality shoot is now available to anyone, via Jaunt’s app on Google Play for Google’s 3D viewer, Google Cardboard.

We realize this is something that only a very specific type of person would get excited about. You can count Kevin O’Malley, Elle’s senior VP and publisher, as one of them.

“From the moment we met with the Jaunt team we knew this was an opportunity we wanted to be a part of,” said O’Malley, in a statement. “New content experiences are core to Elle’s DNA and amplify our multi-channel offerings. And we love its consumer connectivity. It is original, immersive, and in this case, quite literally a 360-degree brand experience.”