Eisner’s Veoh: From mouse ears to rabbit ears

Disney‘s former Supreme Mouse-in-Chief Michael Eisner is in the headlines in both Variety and the Wall Street Journal today, explaining why he’s bankrolling a web TV venture called Veoh. The news comes on the heels of headlines about Veoh rival youTube‘s seduction of marketers like Nike, Warner Bros., MTV2 and Dimension Films.

Says Eisner:

“I’ve spent my entire career in a world of gatekeepers,” Mr. Eisner said in an interview with the Journal. “First there were motion-picture theaters, then the three broadcast networks, then cable and satellite. And now we have this ubiquitous ability to distribute content in a very efficient way. I think in a decade everyone will be surrounded by this Veoh type of technology.”


Let me get this straight: Going forward, we’re all suppossed to program our own networks and upload our own entertainment to the web? Wasn’t the whole point of having an entertainment business? To avoid having to enterain ourselves, sitting around the same tiresome fire in the cave, watching Thag the Cro-Mag reenact how he killed that wooly mammoth for, like, the hundreth time?

Anyway, Eisner’s probably right, so to be on the safe side, we’re investing heavily in start-ups that handle wandering minstrels and court jesters. They’re both clearly about to make a big comeback.