Eisner Award Nominees iPhone App Only in Landscape View

The 21st Will Eisner Comic Industry Awards will be awarded on July 24 at Comic Con in San Diego. So, Comic Con published a free iPhone app that tells you the nominees now and will indicate the winners after they are announced…

The Eisner Award Nominees 1.0

I found it interesting (and maybe a bit odd) that the app only displays in landscape viewing mode for no apparent reason. Each nominated work only has a single cover, title name and the names of the writer and artist. There’s no summary of the work. And the cover or single page of panels can’t be zoomed-in enough to see art detail or words.

It would have been nice to have at least a text summary of why the nominee was nominated and the basic concept of the work. Still, it is free. And, if all you need is a list, that’s what it gives you. Maybe they’ll add a bit more detailed inforamtion in the 2010 edition.