Retired Engineer Is Loving Life as a 70-Year-Old Journalism Student

Ed Connolly commutes periodically with his wife Lyn from Whitehall, N.Y. to Oxford, Miss.

EdwardConnollyLinkedInHere’s a perfect bookend to the recent coverage of 9-year-old Pennsylvania journalist Hilde Kate Lysiak.

Meet Edward Connolly, a 70-year-old journalism student at the University of Mississippi (a.k.a. Ole Miss). The Whitehall, N.Y. resident – a retired engineer and Vietnam veteran – decided to get a new degree in five-month on-site increments. His wife Lyn is also a concurrent mature student at Ole Miss, focused on history and music. From the profile by Jeff McVay:

“Subjectively I guess you would call me a junior based on the fact that I am taking 400 and 500 level courses,” Connolly said, “but I don’t have a schedule for a graduations date. I’m taking courses more or less electively based on what my advisor recommends me for. Most are junior or senior level and very focused on actively writing, deadlines and the narrative form.”

Connolly is already doing some freelance writing and cites Meek School of Journalism and New Media professor Joseph Atkins as a key mentor. He also joking notes that he’s one of the few journalism students who is older than his classroom mentor. And one whose youngest (of three) children is older than any of his classmates.

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