Music Industry Manager Conjures Up ‘Freezing Man Festival’

The iconic Burning Man Festival began modestly enough in 1986 on Baker Beach in San Francisco. So who knows what L.A. mastermind Michael Gaiman’s Freezing Man Festival might have become 25 years from now.

For now, it’s just a crazy, questionable idea set for launch on January 29th, 2011 at the Northlands Expo Center in Edmonton, Alberta. There will be outdoor DJs, carnival rides powered by environmentally friendly bio-diesel and a long list of musical acts led by Chromeo, Broken Social Scene and Stars.

The Edmonton Journal has the details on how this wacky idea was hatched:

Gaiman, the former agent of the Grateful Dead, has managed Jefferson Starship for 20 years. Last year the group was part of “Heroes of Woodstock,” which played at the Edmonton Chamber of Commerce last February. That’s when Gaiman met Chamber CEO Martin Salloum, who has long wanted to turn Edmonton into a winter-destination city. It proved to be a fortuitous meeting, and the two soon became friends.

Tickets for the event are $82.60, toque not included.