Editor Says Dog is Good Enough to Eat


Excuse me, but when did we relocate to China?

Salon’s Editor Joan Walsh told the Twitter community early this morning that her puppy’s litter-mate, Quincy, is “cute enough to eat.”

Since when did we get all gooey to the point of wanting to eat our dogs? Walsh could have come up with another way to tell us the dog is cute without insinuating that we bread him like chicken.

Suggested alternative metaphors: As a button; as a fluffy wuffy stuffed animal (if you must get all cutesy on us); enough to want to steal.

Incidentally, the most disturbing part of Walsh’s tweet came in the caption for the above picture when she writes: “Ran into Sadie’s litter-mate Quincy on rainy Crissy Field hike: #puppyporn.”