Ed Henry Shows Off Beautiful Beaches, Sunsets and Questionable Shorts

52981196-02bee0598669e121d7a2bb219ea39102.4b386349-scaled.jpgHow could life for any Hawaii stranded CNN White House reporter be rough? Well, it’s not. Over the long weekend, CNN’s White House Correspondent Ed Henry — reporting from Waikiki President Obama’s two-week family vacation — showed off his morning beach views, his afternoon beach views…well, you get the idea.

The CNN correspondent waded in the chilly water in a fire engine red golf shirt and matching shorts and showed us where he was going to sunbathe. Then he slathered on suntan lotion. During the segment, he ate what looked to be a piece of spam sushi for breakfast (he explains it’s a delicacy on Waikiki).

bride.jpgBy far his funniest photograph of the weekend: a random Japanese wedding shot. Question: What’s going on with that over-sized floral arrangement in the bride’s hair?

Another memorable moment came from Henry’s appearance on a local Hawaiian news show. Employees gave him these wildly colorful shorts that we can only hope and pray he never wears.

See a myriad of stunning beach and sunset views after the jump…