eBooks Listed in 1,400 Twitter Profiles

As part of our unscientific but enlightening exploration of literary Twitter demographics, we’ve discovered that there are 1,424 Twitter users who use the word “eBook” in their Twitter profile. The most popular user in the eBook sample has more than 67,000 followers.

According to simple TweepSearch queries, there are 1,790 novelists, 9,139 poets, 19,490 journalists, 28,529 authors, and a staggering 99,082 writers on Twitter. The publishing world latched on to the microblogging site in 2009, as Twitter writers scored book deals, serialized stories, and saw their work adapted to film. Finally, eBookNewser opened its Twitter page for business.

In addition, we now curate a few Twitter lists that will break the thousands of publishing posts we read every week into curated collections. We’ve created constantly updated lists to collect the best feeds in these categories: eBook news feeds, eBook publishers, eBook-sellers, and digital literary journals.

These lists are not comprehensive–yet. If you are not included on this list, email us now or leave a message on Twitter. We use these lists to expand both our reading list and community, so make sure your feed is included.