eBooks are less than 2% of the French Book Market

Antoine Gallimard, president of the French Booksellers Association (Syndicat National de l’Edition) and c.e.o. of Editions Gallimard, spoke yesterday to the SNE general assembly.

He reported that eBook sales accounted for an estimated 1.8% of the entire French book market. M. Gallimard went on to add that two-thirds of that number come from eBooks sold in brick-and-mortar, with the rest sold online. Note that the 1.8% excludes apps, so it’s a fair comparison to the figures released each month by the American Association of Publishers.

“There is a real gap between the fascination for digitisation and its commercial reality,” said Gallimard. “It is difficult to distinguish between credible promising for the opening and growth of our markets and fantasies that this new technological age can generate . . . the people who are getting rich today are the tablet vendors.”

If you think of the French market with respect to the modern competitors, then this might not look like slow growth. But to put this number in persepctive, you need to recall that Mobipocket, one of the pioneers of the ebook industry, was founded in France in the year 2000. Digital publishing is as old in France as it is in the US, and yet its growth is lagging behind.

via The BookSeller

image by ell brown