eBookPie Enters the Short-Short eBook Market with Slicebooks

The self-pub service eBookPie has just added a new way for publishers to sell their eBooks.

eBookPie has long been helping authors and publishers sell eBooks in any number of formats, and this week it added Slicebooks, a way for publishers to trim an eBook down to a few chapters and sell it as a separate titles. It enables publishers to affordably leverage their existing catalogs to quickly produce premium short content and generate new revenue.

The slices, as eBookPie calls the short form content, can be combined to form new titles. Publishers can pull together slices from an existing eBook or even slices from multiple eBooks.

“Like with music, readers often only want a slice of content and will scour the search engines to find it,” said Slicebooks’ CEO Jill Tomich. “With our Slice and Remix tools, everyone wins. Consumers win because they can purchase just the content they need while being reassured that it has endured the editorial scrutiny that has defined publishing for centuries. Authors win because they get paid royalties every time someone buys a new slice of their books. And publishers win because they finally are able to sell their content in the ways that consumers increasingly wish to buy it, but with none of the technological headaches that used to accompany content sales.”