Ebay Sold 4 iPads a Minute This Morning

Did you catch the sale Ebay had this morning? It’s Cyber Monday, and the auction giant was joining in on the selling frenzy. Among the many deals that this reporter missed was a small discount on the iPad 2. Ebay was selling to for $50 off the retail price, and they couldn’t sell them fast enough.

An Ebay spokesman reported that the iPad 2 sold out after a mere 2 hours. A total supply of 480 units were sold and I’m sure that Ebay wished they had more.

I have to say that it’s a little surprising.That $50 discount isn’t much of a deal; I wouldn’t have expected it to attract so many buyers. But then again I wasn’t in the market to get one, anyway. If I were then I probably would have gone for this deal.

Did you get any really good deals this weekend?