Ebay Marketing Arm Unites Companies, Rebrands

Aspires to compete with top digital agencies

Look out Digitas and Rosetta, here comes eBay Enterprise Marketing Solutions, a rollup of nine marketing companies under eBay Enterprise that seeks to compete with bigger, more established agency players in end-to-end digital marketing.

The marketing companies—ClearSaleing, e-Dialog, FetchBack, M3 Mobile, MBS, PepperJam Exchange, GSI Media, Silverlign and True Action—previously operated under the umbrella of GSI Commerce before eBay acquired that company in 2011. About a month ago, GSI Commerce was renamed eBay Enterprise, and today the company is unveiling the new name and broader mission for the marketing group, which employs about 1,000 staffers.

"What we're doing now is we're really moving from having nine separate but interrelated marketing companies, and what we've done over the last four months is really design a structure and an organization that takes these nine different companies that makes them one company," said Reuben Hendell, vp of marketing solutions and strategy at eBay Enterprise, a division of eBay Inc.

In other words, the companies and their services were available before, but they're being united and labeled as a cohesive unit. That will simplify things internally and hopefully make life easier for clients, Hendell added.

At its core, eBay Enterprise Marketing Solutions is all about providing brands the opportunity to interact with consumers from the engagement level all the way to the transaction level, Hendell said. "It's not enough to just do brand engagement" these days, he said.

For example, for Aeropostale eBay Enterprise is essentially a one-stop shop. The clothing retailer relies on the division for everything from marketing to e-commerce to customer service to the physical warehouses from which the company's clothes ship.

"We have a strong partnership," said Jacob Hawkins, vp of e-commerce at Aeropostale.

Still, it's too early to tell whether eBay Enterprise's marketing integration has made an impact for the company yet, he said. "We'll see that over time. It'll happen as we go out and do new business opportunities."

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