Dish the Latest Food Trends to EatingWell

Ever since a re-launch in 2002, EatingWell‘s circulation has been steadily climbing. Its acquisition by Meredith in 2011 doubled its readership, and a slew of brand extensions gave the brand custom publishing divisions and a spin-off military magazine. So, landing a byline in the mag means you’re well on your way to establishing a relationship with the editors, who assign projects to freelancers for EatingWell Media Group’s other properties too.

“We’ve been able to grow because we’ve been at the forefront of the healthy eating movement. These days everyone wants delicious meals, but they also want food that’s good for them and that they feel good about eating,” said editorial director Lisa Gosselin. “We’ve also found more and more people are interested in other areas of our focus, what we call ‘origins’ — meaning, where does our food come from? How is it produced? Is it healthy for individuals, the environment and communities? We like to say that the experience of coming to EatingWell should be like going to your local farmers’ market: You are always going to learn something and come away with something fresh, interesting, delicious and surprising.”

For more info on what to pitch, read How To Pitch: EatingWell. [subscription required]