East Side Games launches Ruby Skies in Canada, Korea and Hong Kong

East Side Games’s newest social mobile title Ruby Skies launched today on Apple’s App Store, but only in Canada, Korea and Hong Kong.

Ruby Skies combines territory exploration and relationship development genres, with players controlling Cupid as he literally spreads love around the world and brings couples together. The game is initially launching in Canada, Korea and Hong Kong as testing areas for the game before it receives a wider release. Canada often sees releases in its version of the App Store before its United States counterpart does, but Korea and Hong Kong were chosen as proving grounds for Asia (which publisher 6waves has a great deal of experience in).

East Side Games isn’t sure about when the game will receive a wider release, as it’s still in the process of doing performance testing on the game. That said, it probably won’t be too long before players worldwide get to experience the game’s “waffles for the eyes” visual style.