Eagle Publishing Hires Hot Shot Designer to Give Human Events A Facelift

Human Events is getting a face lift. How drastic will it be? Depends who you talk to.

As the intrepid FBDC Contributor Eddie Scarry reported yesterday, there are changes happening at Human Events — and not all favorable ones for those involved. For instance, he reported that at least two writers are now out of jobs with more cuts expected on the horizon.

“Unfortunately, sometimes a company needs to do a bit of restructuring in order to move forward,” Joe Guerriero, Vice President and Group Publisher of Eagle Publishing, told FishbowlDC. He said the company is injecting “significant investment” into the paper.

As was reported, Eagle, which owns Human Events, will relaunch their flagship newspaper on April 16. They promise a “much broader distribution on Capitol Hill” and the addition of new writers like Hope Hodge, who comes to Human Events from the Jacksonville, N.C. Daily News where she was a military reporter, and nationally syndicated columnist David Harsanyi, which they announced this morning.

Other changes: They will add “key government agencies” to their circulation list and additional distribution points throughout DC.

The big get…In order to “breathe some life into the paper”, they’ve hired Patrick Mitchell to lead the re-design of the paper.  They hail him as “one of the top magazine and newspaper designers in the country.”  Past credits include stints as Creative Director of O, The Oprah Magazine for Hearst, Nylon, Fast Company and Kiplinger’s.  Pat has also served as Art Director and lead Designer at Billboard, 02138 (for Harvard Alumni), the Detroit Free Press, The Dallas Morning News, and Whittle Communications.

Now let’s hope they don’t go the way of Joan Rivers or Goldie Hawn when altering Human Events. Change can be good. Turning someone into a monstrous version of herself is not.