EA Unveils In-Game Ad Dashboard

Part of Electronic Arts’ pitch to advertisers is that the company publishes games on pretty much every possible gaming platform—allowing them to reach nearly every type of gamer. But until now, tracking an ad campaign across all those platforms was awkward, and usually labor intensive.

Not anymore, according to Elizabeth Harz, svp of EA’s global media sales team. During an Advertising Week presentation held on Thursday (Sept. 30), Harz unveiled a new digital dashboard via which advertisers can view the performance of their in-game ad campaigns, whether they run on mobile games, social games, online games or console titles—all in one place.

The new cross-platform tool makes it easier to pull together data on a campaign’s performance, its brand impact, social buzz, and in some cases it’s ROI, said Harz. Plus, the new tool should allow for faster data updates without the spreadsheet number crunching typical to reconciling multiplatform campaigns. “We want to make this actionable, and not a data dump,” said Harz.

Eventually, brands will be able to use the tool to compare their campaigns performances against their competitors, Harz added.