EA shutting down Dragon Age Legends

Dragon Age Legends will be taken offline from Facebook, the App Store and Android Market on June 18, according to a post on the game’s official website. Players are being encouraged to move over to Age of Champions with a bonus pack that provides exclusive in-game content.

Starting today, Dragon Age Legends players will no longer be able to purchase crowns, the game’s hard currency. The game’s store will also have a “massive fire sale” for players who still have crowns left over, since crowns won’t transfer over to future BioWare Social titles. Anyone who played Dragon Age Legends in the past three months will receive an Age of Champions bonus pack that contains a Legends-inspired weapon, a Viscount Ravi army unit, extra in-game currency and an exclusive medal for players’ profile pages. Finally, a downloadable version of Dragon Age Legends will be made available when the game shuts down, allowing users to play a solo campaign.

Dragon Age Legends was developed by EA2D and launched in March 2012 as a tie-in to BioWare’s Dragon Age II. The title was a gamble for EA, since mainstream video games tend to fade from the public eye quickly after launch. Between a strong marketing push from EA on platforms outside of Facebook and beta key giveaways, though, Dragon Age Legends accrued some decent early numbers but peaked at 132,000 daily active users in late March. The game quickly began losing users, though, and was down to 20,000 DAU by October. The game dropped even further to 10,000 DAU in March, where it’s remained ever since.

EA’s presence as a social game developer has been slipping over the past few months, particularly due to The Sims Social hemorrhaging users since September. The company’s been knocked to the No. 4 spot on our Facebook game developer leaderboards by DAU, having been overtaken both King.com and Wooga. This is EA’s second high-profile shutdown in as many months, the first being Restaurant City in April. EA may be scaling back on developing social games in favor of publishing third-party titles, as it recently announced it would publish Insomniac Games’s The Outernauts.