EA To Release Madden NFL Game For Facebook

Coinciding with recent announcements by Playfish that they were going to bring an EA brand to Facebook, Peter Moore just announced that “Madden NFL” will be released for Facebook. The details are sparse, but Moore stated on Bloomberg Television that “we have to make Madden’ more accessible,” and “you’ll see us on Facebook going forward.”

The only further details we’ve seen are that the game will be a “simpler experience” of the console version of Madden NFL, which has sold nearly 63 million units worldwide. This point certainly raises a few questions about the product.

First off, who is developing/designing the game? It was not announced whether Playfish would be working on this or not, and if we look at EA’s past track records with Sports-based Facebook Applications, we don’t see much gameplay and the applications, like EA Sports Football World are instead just aggregators of game data. In fact, the announcement is very limited in its description and in fact does not refer to the property as a game specifically, although that seemed to be what Moore was hinting at.

Another possibility is that this will be a cut above existing Facebook applications. With the powerful new three-dimensional games web-games powered by the “Unity” framework, EA was able to create a full-experience Tiger Woods Woods game with Facebook Connect. It would be quite a feat if EA introduced a full 3D game to Facebook, with the Madden brand.

In any case, more news is sure to pour out for Madden NFL and EA Sports in general. Peter Moore is definitely excited about the potential for Social Games and has gone on record many times about it. Stay tuned for more!