Aussie Reporter Admits to Wii Bit of E3 Conflict-of-Interest

Jonathan Ross and-or his Sydney Morning Herald editors get points for the funny Star Trek-wink headline topping a dispatch from E3 about the new Wii U console. The banner reads: “It’s a Nintendo Jim, But Not As We Know It.”

Not so enterprising is the fact that the company pretty much paid cash for those words. Per Ross’ article:

In the interests of the very fullest disclosure, I must say that I am here as a guest of Nintendo, a company whose products over the past 20 years I have loved and continue to feel great affection for…

Anyway, seeing as Nintendo are paying for my hotel, they currently have the lion’s share. Which, conveniently, they have also earned, for at least showing us something if not exactly new, at least different, in their next-generation home console, the Nintendo Wii U.

On the one hand, Ross has not buried the Full Disclosure at the bottom of his article, as many journalists tend to. On the other remote-holding limb, it’s really hard – knowing all this – to take some of the other passages: “They promise you will want one”… “It’s the Wii on steroids”…

The closest Ross comes to slamming his sponsor is when he dings a clueless “model/actor/whatever” who demonstrated Nintendo Land.