Video Game Journalists Love the New Lara Croft

Even though the video game reboot of Lara Croft is not scheduled for release until the fall… of 2012, it’s already a big buzz topic at the E3 conference, which runs today through Thursday in downtown LA.

Following last week’s trailer release, there was a longer preview look at the game on Monday, during the event’s “Day Zero” media proceedings. Video game journalists are rhapsodizing about the reboot’s potential, largely because it telescopes Croft back to the age of 21 and strips her of her super-heroine powers. Here’s Susan Arendt‘s take in Escapist magazine:

It a complete shift from the confident, bulletproof Lara that we’ve known for so long, and it’s fascinating. It’s like getting to travel back in time and meet your sweetheart before they became the person you first met…

There’s still a lot to learn about this new Tomb Raider, but I’m entranced by what I’ve seen so far. Lara is more interesting than she’s been in years, still familiar, but a completely different person. She’s vulnerable, fallible, and scared out of her mind, but she’s still Lara. If the puzzles and combat can keep pace with the characterization, this reboot could be amazing.

Brian Crecente of Australia’s Kotaku website is equally enthusiastic, revealing that “five minutes of game play made me care more about Lara Croft than 15 years of previous titles.”