E-ink Reports Sales Up In 2010

E-ink Holding,, maker of the E-ink screen technology, released its financial results for 2010 this week. Sales for 2010 totaled NT$ 25.2 billion, which is up 57% over that of 2009. Net income for 2010 was after tax of NT$4 billion, another record high.

This news comes shortly after Samsung formally opened its new screen tech R&D center in the Netherlands, which brings another heavyweight into the industry. With  AUO supporting Sipix, Qualcomm and Mirasol, Bridgestone with its QR-LPD, 2011 looks like ot could be an interesting year for screen tech.

And don’t forget Pixel Qi, which has already taken a strong lead over its bigger and better financed competitors.

via press release

image via Flickr