Dylan Brody Remembers Carlin

Story teller and comedian Dylan Brody sent FBLA this email:

I am deeply saddened to hear of George Carlin’s passing. He was not a friend. Not even an acquaintance, really. He called me once to tell me that I was funny and it was one of the most profoundly important moments in my career as a comic, one of the most profoundly important moments of my life. He was a groundbreaking performer, a brilliant comic and most of all just a really, really good human being.

I tell the full story of that moment and the impact it had on me in a story called Arc which will be included on my upcoming live CD, True Enough but in light of this evening’s news I have uploaded the track for preview listening. You can hear the piece at dylanbrody.com I do this as tribute. Not as self-promotion. You know?
Dylan Brody

If you weren’t going to mention it, we were. The piece he speaks of is a fitting tribute to Carlin. Worth a listen.