Dumbass Pitches

While America comes together to remember the tragic events of September 11 and the nation decides who will become the next leader of the free world, here’s a Dumbass Pitch to help with just about nothing under the sun.  BACHMAN-TURNER OVERDRIVE! In our series, we take a look at some of the ridiculous, misplaced and downright Dumbass Pitches that find their way into our inbox. Rather than just delete them, we prefer to share.

Today’s comes from Randy Bachman, formerly of Bachman-Turner Overdrive and the Guess Who. Since the county fairs have stopped calling them for their musical performances, he has written a book called Vinyl Tap Stories and it’s being called, ” an incredible musical journey, paired with personal photos and dozens of Bachman’s own suggested playlists.  Told with genuine humility and charisma, Bachman fans and music lovers alike are sure to take as much pleasure in reading these incredible stories as Bachman clearly has in sharing them.”

What could you POSSIBLY learn from a book like this? Thankfully, they tell what’s inside.

  • Learning how to make a “guitar face” from B.B. King himself (“You need to wince like you’re feeling that note in your soul”.)
  • Touring the world with Ringo Starr’s all-star band.
  • Tricking Little Richard into playing in a different key when recording a piano piece for BTO.

Maybe the opening riff of “Taking Care of Business” still makes me reach for my air guitar, but this isn’t exactly the rock biography that America was waiting for. Rather, it’s a Dumbass Pitch.