Dude, That’s Even Farther Than Hoboken


We’d heard rumblings on the interwebs that an intrepid NYT reporter (is there any other kind?) had been nosing around Philadephia, hoping to cobble together a story about its new place as New York’s sixth borough. We know someone who lives in Philadelphia, and we’re sorry to say that we see him even fewer times than we see our friends in Brooklyn, an increasingly rare to quite rare occurrence. Turns out some people not only live in Philly and like it but keep trying to convince others that taking a 75-minute train is really, seriously guys just like taking the subway, only cooler. Seems the intrepid reporter found just what she was looking for:

Attracted by a thriving arts and music scene here and a cost of living that is 37 percent lower than New York’s, according to city figures, a significant number of youngish artists, musicians, restaurateurs and designers are leaving New York City and heading down the turnpike for the same reasons they once moved to Brooklyn from Manhattan.

“We got priced out of Manhattan, and we moved to Brooklyn,” said John Schmersal, 32, of the three-member band Enon; two of them migrated here in January. “Then we got priced out of Brooklyn. Now we’re in Philadelphia.”

We’re just trying to price ourselves out of ourselves. Tautology
Monday, back in action.