Dude–Here’s Your Car!


If Haley Joel Osment (does everyone call him Haley Joel?) wants to get rolling again, he might want to check out Matthew McConaughey’s righteous ’71 Vette–a Mediterrean blue Stingray convertible. The free-wheelin’ Texan has it up for auction on Ebay, with a better-than-average little story about how he bought it and loves it and licks it and smells it but it’s a luxury and he’s got so much and he wants to give back.

And since the proceeds go to Oprah‘s Angel Network to help Katrina and Rita recovery, what’s not to love? Low monthly payments!

This is a sweet sled, and while not totally cherry, it’s bitchin’.

Haley, man, we’re beggin’ ya! Carpe diem.