Thanks to Drudge N-Word Headline, THR Wednesday Web Traffic Was Off the Chain

The “D” in Drudge Report was anything but silent this past Wednesday for The Hollywood Reporter. As Max Read on Gawker, Derek Thompson of The Atlantic and other media watchers noted, Drudge went crazy with a 40-point, multiple N-word headline pointing to Todd McCarthy’s Django Unchained review.

Having here at FishbowlLA had a brush or two with the dynamite known as a Drudge mention, we were curious how much traffic – exactly – the item in question received December 12. A spokesperson for THR tells us McCarthy’s Django review registered an astounding 1,000,137 page views.

Drudge often links to McCarthy THR critiques, and not every one of those Wednesday clicks came from his site. But for McCarthy to cross the single-day one million mark a day before being co-opted for an Onion item about The Hobbit, well that’s too cool even for Quentin Tarantino school.

At the bottom of the Django review lies another reminder of the Drudge tidal wave: a two-day old stream of 1,771 reader comments punctuated by various “…flagged for review” and “Comment removed” markers. To quote Leonardo DiCaprio’s character Calvin Candie, when Drudge links to an article with comments capability, adult supervision is required.

@hollywoodspin Richard Horgan is co-editor of Fishbowl.