The Drudge Infographic

The referral totals for 2014 are staggering.

Intermarkets, the Reston, VA firm that handles advertising for The Drudge Report, has put together a graphical representation of the site’s power as a traffic referrer.


In 2014, Drudge sent 99 million clicks the Daily Mail’s way. The UK newspaper was the biggest beneficiary of Drudge referrals last year. Other papers at the top of the site’s referral flow in 2014: the Washington Post (44 million) and The New York Times (36 million).

Our sister publication The Hollywood Reporter didn’t do too badly either. In 2014, they garnered 25 million referred clicks from Drudge.

As several people on Twitter have noted, it’s kind of hard to believe that the average Drudge site visit lasts 30 minutes. But that’s what the infographic claims, which perhaps is a reflection of people taking that amount of time to read through the articles that they are clicking through to.