Drink Milk, Rock with Celebs

In its latest attempt to get kids to drink more milk, Milk Media is making its Milk Rocks campaign mobile and interactive. Part of the promotion includes a contest whose winner gets to sing live on stage with country rockers Rascal Flatts.

The broader mobile Milk Rocks campaign will let kids and tweens upload songs, videos and images from their mobile phones to enter contests. They can also visit the mobile Web site to download free songs, posters, videos and ringtones and read exclusive interviews with up-and-coming celebrities and pro athletes. The mobile goodies will become available over the next few months.

“This is an expansion of our entire program, and it’s important because kids are addressing the Web from an on-the-go perspective and we want to be able to connect with them by offering them more content and file sharing from their mobile phones,” Mobile Marketer quotes Milk Media CEO Richard Long as saying.

As for the deal with Rascal Flatts, starting March 1, fans can register on the Milk Rocks site and upload their own video for one of the five available Rascal Flatts songs. The site’s community chooses the winners.