Drift Mania Championship 2 aims for pole position

Drift Mania Championship 2 is a new iOS game from RatRod Studio. It’s the sequel to the original Drift Mania Championship, which RatRod claims has over 10 million players worldwide, and is available now as a paid Universal download for $1.99.

In Drift Mania Championship 2, players take on the role of a rookie drift racing driver aiming to make a name for themselves on the world circuit. Through completing a series of challenges and attaining high scores, players will earn money through which they can upgrade their car or purchase new vehicles and thus put themselves in with a chance of completing more difficult races.

There are four modes of play in the game — Career, Tournament, Multiplayer and Practice. In Career Mode, players work their way through a series of challenges and upgrade their vehicle to ensure success. In Tournament, players compete in a short knockout competition over a series of rounds. In Multiplayer, players compete online against others. And in Practice, players can get used to their cars and the various control schemes until they find something that works for them.

By default, the player controls their vehicle through a combination of tilt-based steering, a touch-sensitive “throttle bar” at the side of the screen and a handbrake icon in the opposite corner. Through accessing the settings menu, the player may customize these controls to their liking by moving them around the screen, swapping them to “left-handed” mode or even changing their style — tilt controls may be replaced with an on-screen steering wheel if desired, and the throttle bar may be replaced with a gas pedal virtual button. Sensitivity of all the controls may also be adjusted, meaning the player can make the experience something that works for them. There is a steep learning curve to learning to control the car effectively, but practice pays off over time.

Players progress through races by successfully using the controls to drift their car around corners at high speed in order to score points. Drifting in specially-marked areas and chaining moves together increases the points attained, but crashing into something loses the score earned for that particular combo. Players have a limited amount of time and set number of laps of a course to achieve as high a score as possible and, upon completion of a challenge, may submit their score online to compare their performance against other players from all across the world.

The game features excellent presentation, with high-definition video sequences, impressive static artwork in the menus and smoothly-animating 3D visuals in races. Background music is also thematically appropriate, though the strong focus on American punk/rock may not be to everyone’s taste. The game has no objections to the player using their device’s music library or other music apps for background audio, however.

Drift Mania Championship is an excellent game for fans of drift racing and car enthusiasts in general. The high level of detail in the simulation-style driving and the enormous degree of customization makes this a game with a considerable degree of depth and replay value that players will likely be enjoying for many months to come.

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